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The appliances you select for your home depend primarily on you and how you use them. These decisions are made fairly early in the build process, especially when a unique layout such as a double refrigerator/freezer impacts the overall kitchen design and rough construction needs.

For the kitchen in the Hillcrest, the process began with Stephen Erb, Appliance Manager at Appliance Gallery. He worked directly with the homeowners to hone their kitchen design and explore the best appliance options for their new custom home. By understanding their needs, how they cook, how they live, the size of the family, and entertaining needs, Stephen was able to lead the homeowners to a great choice – the latest innovations from ASKO, Sub-Zero, and Wolf Appliances.

Luxury & Efficiencies For Your Convenience

Appliances are an early selection and one of the most exciting parts of your new home, which makes the kitchen the “Heart” of any home. Regency prides itself on offering partners in the business that can consult with you and offer the best experience and value. Appliance Gallery is by far the best appliance vendor Regency has ever worked with. They have an amazing, working showroom that has a vast array of appliances that fit any home owner’s budget. The volume of appliances we purchase annually makes us a leader in the industry, allowing us to pass on unheard of, discount pricing. We spoke with Stephen Erb, Appliance Manager, to find out what’s happening in the appliance world these days.

Steve’s primary role is new construction consulting. Prior to Steve meeting with our clients, he will review the blueprints, specifically looking at the kitchen design. From there, he can not only offer appliance suggestions but also discuss layout. He helps customers make the right decision regarding what appliances are best and assists with practical placement in their new home. Explaining the functionality of various pieces helps customers determine what best fits their needs. Once the wants and needs of the client are determined, Steve’s goal is to get his customers the right products up front.

Big Kitchen Appliance Trends

The cooking triangle has been standard for years, however, one style Steve is seeing more and more of recently is big, side-by-side refrigerators and freezers. The look and feel of your kitchen are important, but how you will use it is almost more so.

Stainless steel is popular, however, if you have kids or pets, consider another popular look – panels that match your cabinets so appliances blend right in and don’t show fingerprints!

The Appliance Gallery team gets to know their customers by finding out how many people will be living in the home, how they cook, and how often to determine what pieces make sense. For example, if the homeowner will be simmering and making stir-fry, they will want powerful burners. If they comment that they make Christmas cookies every year, he’ll lean them towards ovens best for baking. He commented, “The kitchens in Regency homes really get used! They are not just a trophy.”

Sub Zero 36″ Integrated Column Refrigerator With Internal Dispenser

This well organized side-by-side Refrigerator provides ample room, ideal for a larger family and entertaining. Advanced food preservation features keep food fresher longer. A magnetic door seal system locks in cold, while a state-of-the-art microprocessor precisely controls temperatures.

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Sub Zero 30” Integrated Column Freezer

The freezer gives frozen foods the dry, frigid climate they need, so they stay fresher without freezer burn. The easy-to-use controls use touchscreen technology to precisely regulate temperatures and give access to more settings. Energy-efficient LEDs offer varying degrees of brightness, to customize preferences.

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Sub-Zero 15” Undercounter Ice Machine

Ideal for entertaining, this high-volume ice machine produces up to 50 pounds of ice per day, and stores 25 pounds at a time. The ice itself, octagonal-shaped, is fresh and clean, thanks to an advanced water filtration system that removes impurities and reduces contaminants such as bacteria and viruses.

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Wolf 36” Sealed Burner Rangetop – 6 Burner Unit

The Wolf SRT366, is a 36” gas range-top, equipped with six burners, each with an upper and a lower tier of flames for faster boils or low simmers. The continuous cast iron top grates allow you to move pans around without lifting them off the surface. Cleaning is made easy with the heavy-duty steel exterior.

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Wolf 30” M Series Professional Built-In Double Oven

The new Wolf 30” M series built-in double oven takes the guesswork out of even the most difficult dishes. The Dual VertiCross™ system is their most advanced dual convection ever, quickly saturating the oven cavity with consistent heat across all racks. A Gourmet feature has a menu of presets that automatically controls the cooking, making commonly prepared meals quick and easy.

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ASKO Panel Ready Dishwasher

The matching panel ASKO dishwasher includes smart height adjusting top tray, divisible and removable trays, and various washing programs finishing with Turbo Drying ® to get dishes clean!

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Self-Cleaning Ovens & Other Efficiencies

Not many people enjoy cleaning and today’s appliances offer convenient self-cleaning features. Do keep in mind that professional products, especially ones using gas, are more limited if you want self-cleaning. Certain surfaces are easier to clean.

Other product efficiencies include Sub-Zero and Wolf products using LED in place of incandescent lighting. Refrigerators include built-in freshness drawers, keeping your fruits and vegetables fresher, longer.

Laundry rooms are no longer in the basement! First-floor laundry rooms, now include built-in counter tops for folding and open concept shelving for additional storage for kids coats, backpacks, and boots in addition to laundry supplies.

Luxury Appliance Choices For Your Custom Home

So what are those extras they are seeing clients purchase? For those wine aficionados, wine units are a must-have.

For clients with larger families or those that tend to entertain more often, warming drawers are popular. If you are one of those that can’t get going until you’ve had your morning coffee, consider a built-in coffee machine – just like the local barista makes! Steve recommends the Miele coffee machines.

The Bosch Speed Combination Oven cooks faster than a traditional oven and can also be used as a microwave – ideal for lower level entertaining spaces.

For the outdoor chef enthusiast, built-in outdoor kitchens complete with a hood are all the rage. Appliance Gallery has outfitted three Regency homes with DCS (Dynamic Cooking Systems) outdoor kitchens recently.

Appliance Service, Warranty & Repairs

Service after the sale is just as important as purchasing great appliances for your new home. Appliance Gallery offers an in-home walk-through after installation to review each of the product’s features and functionality, in addition to reviewing applicable warranties. They feel this extra step ensures their customers are happy with their purchases.

If problems DO occur, you aren’t sitting on hold waiting for a stranger at a 1-800 number. You call Appliance Gallery, talk to Steve, and dispatch service through the dealer. That’s a great definition of customer service and makes for a great Regency client partnership!

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