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I wanted to send you a long overdue update. We have been in the house now for 1 ½ years and still loving it. Please thank your entire team that contributed to getting us in this perfect fit house. You listened to our needs and wants and materialized our vision plus. The house is elegant and uber functional while not coming off as ostentatious. There are features that we did not know we needed until we moved in or had large groups over. Great foresight! I’ve tried to take credit a few times for the interior design choices but none of my friends or family believed me. They know me to well. I also want to thank you for expediting the construction to get us in as soon as possible after our “fun” with the county. We also felt well treated even though we may have not been your typical customer. I think I asked 1,000 questions.

I heard from Nick you had a record year and I am not surprised. When I cruise around our lake and others, I have been seeing many Regency signs so it looks like business is still great. Thank you again for helping us achieve our dream house.


"Over the past 30 years, Regency has built two beautiful homes for our family. We consider them to be our “go-to” experts anytime we are looking to make an improvement or update to our home. They have given us guidance on remodeling and referrals for other work. We trust them to always give honest and professional advice and know that anything Regency puts their stamp on will be beautiful and of excellent quality. Jon, Pat and Mike have been great to work with and we greatly value our relationship with Regency Builders."

Rich & Maribeth Meeusen

"The house is really coming along and we are very excited! We are roughly two months from move-in. The setting and position of the house, in our mind, couldn’t have been better as it is very peaceful and relaxing! Mike and the crew are doing a great job! While doing this from Chicago has been a challenge, we have managed and have done as much as we can on weekends to be sure we are getting decisions to everyone to everyone in a timely manner."

John & Kathleen Ford

"We recently built our dream home with Regency. Throughout the project, we appreciated their exceptional communication and bi-weekly updates. Having a Builder, Architect, and an Interior Selections Coordinator as part of Regency’s design team captured all of our wants, needs, and desires. The use of 3D technology in collaboration with the Houzz site and the vast experience of the team challenged ideas and concepts for the exterior style. The entire Regency team was fully involved, from the early planning phase to the day we moved in and for months afterward, to ensure our complete satisfaction. At the end, we didn't end up with just a great home but also some lifelong friendships. We would highly recommend Regency not only for the outstanding quality of their work but their customer service and responsiveness that is second to none."

Aravind & Shireesha Vijayapal

"It seems a bit of an understatement to say we love our home. We are constantly reminded of the quality of craftsmanship and the consistently high level of service we've enjoyed from your firm. We never tire of the view."

Tim Moriarty

We meticulously bid out our home with three quality contractors. Not only was Regency the most competitive, but they also showed such interest and brought in more value engineering than both other contractors combined. Regency was always willing to advise us on our ideas and implement our decisions. Most notably, Regency has a team of experts to provide an incredible quality product that relates to us personally as a value for our investment.

Kevin & Shelby King

Our family recently completed the building process with Regency Builders and could not be happier. They were very attentive to our needs, wants, and desires for our home. Working with them was fun and easy, and in the end, we moved into our dream home! Regency’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship is unparalleled. We cannot recommend Regency enough.

Peter & Julie Wagner

We have built four times, and this was by far the best experience we have had. The people at Regency are experts and really cared about our building experience. Their attention to detail truly sets them apart. Our house is amazing. 

Bill & Lisa Ash

Regency has consistently kept their promises and proven that their marketing statements aren’t just words to get more business. Regency and their subcontractors have true pride in their work and in their customer satisfaction. Thank you, Jon, Mike, and all the Regency team!

Ken & Ximena Schweitz

Having researched a number of builders, it was clear from our first introduction to Regency they were the professionals we wanted to partner with to turn our dreams into reality. Having very high expectations, Regency wanted every detail just as perfect as us. We are extremely proud to show our home and tell everyone Regency built it.

PJ DiStefano & Dustin Hutter

When it came time to build our lake home, we initially considered Regency since they did such a great job on our current home a few years back. Because of the distance from Milwaukee, we ended up designing the home independently with an architect and felt that by using a local builder we would get better pricing. When the local builder gave us the proposal, we felt uncomfortable with the numbers and reached out to Regency to see if they were interested in giving us a proposal.

To our surprise, given the travel distance, Regency ended up being amazingly competitive, even with the travel time. We are close to finished carpentry and so excited that we were able to work with Regency again. The subcontractors and suppliers have done just as nice of a job on this home as the last. Regency truly has an amazing team!

Jim & Laura Kacmarcik

The building process with Regency was incredibly organized and productive. It’s Regency’s expectation of excellence from every person that touched our home that really made the experience unbelievable. From the design to the internal staff, everyone guided us through the process and genuinely cared. We can’t believe that the time went so fast and we’re all settled in our dream home. We don’t ever want to leave. Thank you Regency Builders.

Ron & Mary Beckman

We have been frequent home builders, with our Regency home being the sixth new build for us. Out of all the builders we’ve used, this was by far the best experience we have ever had. With everything we have going on in our lives, we truly couldn’t have completed this process without Regency. From the cabinet selection to the hardware supplier, we can’t speak more highly about our incredible Regency experience!

Bob & Marge Agnew

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