Regency Millwork being stained

The Endless Possibilities of Woodwork

The woodworking says it all when walking through the Regency Hillcrest. Looking throughout the home you’ll see the incredible detail – from the crown molding to the rare walnut doors. Being one of the final touches in the home, it is great to see how the millwork brings everything together.

We will be talking with Jay Robbe from Zuern Building Products. He will discuss how the woodworking throughout this house is anything but ordinary and shares the ins and outs of what to expect while working with Regency.

Working Alongside Each Other

When Zuern and Regency work together, they feel as though they are part of one team instead of separate entities. “With Regency, they always have fresh ideas. And when searching for new products, you know they are very quality-conscious.” Jay says, “They don’t look to do the same thing everyone else is doing which makes you feel like they are dialed in to what’s new and are doing it right.”

Jay knows that everything starts in the design and bidding phase. Regency’s generous millwork package allows him to be creative with the homeowner, exploring many products that can achieve different looks. “Regency is great at talking to a homeowner up front to determine how they want to see wood used in the home. If a couple loves rich, elegant, large stained crown for example, Regency knows to build that into the budget. When they come to our showroom to see the hundreds of options available to them, there are no surprises when it comes to selections, keeping the project on track,” Jay shares. As we’ve told you before, that is a big priority for Regency when building someone’s dream home.

That level of detail continues in Zuern’s work as well, creating an intricate room and finish schedule that future contractors will rely upon for bidding and construction.

The Regency Hillcrest Woodwork

You can tell immediately when you walk into the Hillcrest that there are some special touches. Jay walked us through the home as construction was wrapping up, sharing more detail about their work:

Painted & Stained Touches

A real sense of style was achieved in the Hillcrest through the use of painted and stained millwork. While the homeowners went for a crisp white in many rooms such as the kitchen, the use of the occasional walnut-stained doors throughout the home helps add a rich elegance that couldn’t be achieved with an inferior wood species. Poplar is a popular wood choice because it accepts dark stains and paint well, which is the reason it was used throughout this home.

Crown Molding

As the average first floor ceiling in Regency homes is about 10ft., they typically feature crown molding. Here you’ll notice the exquisite 7” crown molding throughout the home. A common approach is to mirror the crown with the baseboard profile, but in this case the homeowner chose to use the flat bottom edge instead, giving a different flare.

Millwork inside the Regency Hillcrest
Regency Millwork being stained
Millwork after being painted
Millwork after being painted

Keep Away Clutter in The Smaller Storage Spaces

Moving down the hallway to the pantry and laundry room, you are welcomed by two charming white reeded glass pocket doors. Jay explained, “These are perfect for closing off areas when there are guests over, while not having a long hallway of solid doors that takes away the natural sunlight from both rooms.” This timeless look has a more elegant feel than the typical etched “pantry” style doors used in past years.


Walking into this beautiful kitchen, the details of the ceiling are quite eye catching. The massive beams going across the kitchen and dining space were painted white to match the crown molding. Generally, Jay said other customers might use another color to contrast from the white, but with this house it keeps consistent with the white kitchen to give it a clean yet bold look. Off of the beams you’ll notice the 7” white crown molding used in the rest of the house as well.

Curved Radius Moldings

One important thing to point out is that Zuern’s role as both window and millwork supplier is a perfect pairing. The large, curved glass Marvin window in the Great Room is perfectly complemented by the radius moldings that Zuern provides – a single unit free from seams!


With pocket doors being all the rage, the entry to the office was the perfect space to include a set of walnut glass paneled doors to bring you into this unbelievable space. The use of alder crown and floor molding to match the cabinetry is really a sight to be seen. As your eyes move up from the cabinetry, you will notice the detailed molding used not just for the crown molding, but on the ceiling as well. The woodworking used here brings the whole room together as a sharp, stylish space.

Lower Level & Second Floor Crown Molding

Throughout the lower level you will notice the crown molding is a little shorter than what you see on the main floor. 5”-5 1/2” crown molding is typical for a lower level. You’ll often notice there is no perimeter baseboard throughout the lower level and second floor, as there is not as much height to the space. By not including this, it makes your feel like the heights of the rooms are taller.

Lower Level Luxuries

A unique addition to this lower level is how they utilized the space under the stairs. Zuern created a club house door for a children’s play area, but could also be used as a dog kennel or small storage space.

Having a designated work out space has become more popular in lower levels. French doors are used here as it makes the room feel more open, but still offers the flexibility to have the room closed off from the rest of the living space. Zuern has noticed that more workout rooms are using glass paneled doors to help keep the openness consistent throughout.

Featured Partner

About Zuern Building Products

Zuern Building Products started in 1953. They provide building materials, window and door packages, as well as millwork throughout Regency Homes so you have the same consistent feeling in every corner you turn.

Jay Robbe has been with Zuern for six years, but has worked alongside Regency for over 23 years. With his background in industrial and interior design and a passion for woodworking, he is a great asset to our team. To see more examples of Zuern Building Products you can visit one of their four show rooms in Allenton, Cedarburg, Franklin, and Watertown.

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