Home is Where the Heart Is:
Tear Downs & In-Fills Can Keep it There

Sometimes supply does not equal demand. In today’s building environment we face an incredible lot shortage, making it very difficult to find an appealing, appropriate property for your new home build.

For years, Regency Builders has specialized in what the industry calls “In-Fills” – the process of tearing down an existing house on a property and rebuilding our customer’s dream home!

Whether you are looking to stay in a community that has little to offer in terms of vacant land or want to build your family dream home on one of the many surrounding lakes, look to our team to help navigate the unique process of building on an In-Fill. With special emphasis on finding and repurposing lake property for new home construction, we can tap into a market that has otherwise been tapped out.

Land Evaluation

Site evaluation and the Design Process is strenuous in the best of conditions. The added complexity of waterfront building and tear downs require added navigation and land evaluation, including:

  • Topography and suitability to rebuild
  • Geotechnical studies
  • Light and sight-line studies
  • Road and other transit noise
  • Evaluation of existing well and septic
  • Design of home to blend with existing neighboring homes
  • Chapter 30 Permits for lake home building
  • Asbestos and lead testing and removal
  • Municipality zoning and architectural control for the subdivision
  • Tree clearing and preservation
  • Evaluation of overhead utilities
  • Common courtesy for existing neighbors to reduce construction complaints

Finding a Lot

With special site considerations, it typically takes 3-5 months to “get going” on an In-Fill before construction even starts. We help expedite the up-front work, helping search for and identify properties that fit your needs. If you think you are out of luck finding buildable land in a specific community or waterfront setting, let Regency help find the property that we can turn into your dream!

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