The decision to build a new home is often wrought with anxiety – typically over time, budget and communication. In a busy, fast paced world, full of family and work obligations, building a new home should be a fun and enjoyable process – not one you have to micromanage.

In 2014, 92% of new Regency homes came in within 1.85% of contract budget due to our thorough understanding of site conditions and owners expectations.

There are many builders capable of constructing a beautiful, well-built home, but few who can answer those three top fears that you might be facing.

Is my home going to be completed on time?

To manage time best, we use an online software called BuildTools as a communication hub for each project. It helps us to manage the construction schedule with clear start dates, end dates, and milestones.

Your Project Manager and an involved Regency owner provide quick resolution of problems, empowered to make instant decisions on the job site and focus on your best interest.

Are we going to come in over budget?

A budget has to be managed from the start of the project – starting with developing initial site plans, drawings and initial estimates for your project. Our Design Team involves Builder, Architect, Selections Consultant and you in the process – providing immediate feedback on how floor plan modifications will affect construction costs and how material selections may impact your budget.

Our Inclusive Price Philosophy means that Regency homes come standard with numerous features that many other builders consider to be add-ons. You can be assured that your budget will not need to be stretched in order to have the home comforts that you desire.

From that point, the process of meticulous bidding for quality and value, as well as proactive and professional construction management takes over – ensuring that costs are managed through the duration of your new home construction.

How well will my home builder communicate with me during the process?

Communication begins before ever breaking ground – listening to your needs, getting to know you personally, and sharing ideas to make your new home come to life. Through proper site evaluation and an exciting 3-D Design process, you will thoroughly understand the details of your home before construction begins.

Through BuildTools, view construction schedules from your computer or mobile phone at any time. Weekly updates from your Project Manager will keep you always informed of what is happening at your home.

At Regency Builders, we pride ourselves on the business of building your new home – not just its construction. Knowing that the word “quality” applies not only to the materials and construction methods used for your custom home, but also to how we communicate, plan, and manage each step of the process, which helps to restore relief and enjoyment to the building process.

To keep you informed in an efficient and consistent manner throughout the construction process, you will have:

  • Direct access to members of our professional and responsive staff
  • Bi-weekly project updates
  • Scheduled site visits with management
  • Instant access to our online communication tools
  • Instant access to owners and Project Managers
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