Build it Once, Build it Right

We believe in designing and building a home that will last a lifetime and beyond for future generations. This includes using materials such as full natural stone exteriors, premium exterior paints, granite and quartz countertops, solid wood for interior finishes, and tile flooring. Cheaper products can be used to build a home, but when they are being replaced with newer products in ten years, that is not sustainable building. Build it once, build it right.

Our Eco-Friendly Material Standards

We will spend more money on superior lumber products for floor, wall, and roof systems. We specify structural integrity in our wood and concrete structures that far exceed minimum building codes, ensuring longevity of your home and long-term performance of your finished products. What’s more, our Inclusive Price Philosophy means you won’t be nickeled and dimed to make your home energy efficient with products like:


With all structural concerns being evaluated for the best solutions, our end result is a structurally sound and safe home. We accomplish this by:

  • Using an “I” joist, which uses up to 50% less wood fiber in production than the conventional lumber joist.
  • Running L/600 or higher floor calculations for stiff floors. (The code is minimum is L/360 LP Top Notch Floor sheathing.)
  • Using low-emitting, safe resins in the manufacturing process, which do not add any urea formaldehyde.
  • Constructing exterior tall walls with LSL or LVL studs, which start and stay straight, and resist bowing, twisting, shrinking and warping.


Each manufacturer and line of windows has its own advantages and disadvantages. Using high quality wood and fiberglass frame windows including Andersen, Marvin and Pella, we educate you on the numerous options so you can make an informed decision.


Providing you with a 20-year labor and material warranty, we use certified installers for our roofing installations. The roofing warranty is a 100% non-prorated umbrella coverage for 20-years, plus a 130 MPH wind warranty. The shingles are also warranted for as long as you own your home.

Gutters & Downspout

Our 5” aluminum gutters and 4” aluminum downspouts come with a 50-year product warranty and a 10-year workmanship warranty.


Giving you the very best in insulation, our homes include:

  • 3” closed cell spray foam insulation at box sill and band joist area between floors (this reduces air loss by about 18%)
  • R-23 high density blown in fiberglass insulation at exterior 2×6 walls (this system is very important in assuring that you will not have a drafty home)
  • R-19 batt insulation at garage walls
  • R-50 blown insulation at garage ceiling
  • R-50 blown insulation at accessible ceilings

Foundation Insulation

We install 2” R-10 rigid foam insulation from footing to grade on our foundation walls.

Overhead Garage Doors

All of our doors are thermally insulated with CFC free insulation, and are completely weatherstripped around the perimeter. We operate the doors with Liftmaster’s most energy efficient DC powered openers, with features including:

  • 75% less power in standby mode
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Timer to close (remembers to close the door when you forget)
  • My Q technology (enables you to monitor & control your door from your smart phone)

Miscellaneous Building Products

  • Providing a long-lasting finish on your home’s exterior, we use zero VOC interior paint as well as premium brands like Sherwin Williams Duration.
  • With 95% of quality carpeting now having a lifetime warranty, we use also zero VOC carpet.
  • Our preferred drywall is manufactured with 100% recycled paper. The drywall debris is also recycled and reused in the agricultural industry.


We implement sophisticated HVAC systems in our homes, including the most efficient multi-stage variable speed furnaces, multi-zone systems for maximum comfort and efficiencies, programmable thermostats with humidity controls, and media air filters.

  • Air Flow: All HVAC systems are engineered and built for your specific home and for optimum air flow.
  • Duct Cleaning: Includes cleaning of HVAC duct work at the completion of construction to remove dust and debris to ensure clean, healthy air in the home upon occupancy.


Keeping your plumbing as efficient as possible, we use energy efficient CPVC/PEX water piping, hot water recirculating water line with pump, and insulation with a high efficient water heater. We also test the drinking water and implement water softeners, iron filters, and reverse osmosis systems to ensure safe and comfortable water in your home.

Radon Mitigation

Reducing radon levels to below the EPA recommended level, we use a piping connection from Form-a-Drain up through the roof with an in-line attic fan for active radon mitigation system. In addition to the radon reduction, this system does a great job of pulling moisture out of and dehumidifying your home.


  • LED Lighting – By using LED products in the most “lived in” areas of your home, we can reduce electricity usage substantially. These items have a substantially longer life span, require significantly less energy to produce the same lumen output, and as a bonus generate little to no heat reducing HVAC loads as well.
  • Occupancy Sensors and Timers – We recommend occupancy sensors to operate lights in areas where lights can easily be left on and/or forgotten. These areas usually include closets, mechanical rooms, pantry, power/bath rooms, bonus rooms, etc. Timers on bath fans also help to reduce energy consumption along with the installation of energy star exhaust fans.
  • Lighting Control – We implement lighting control systems for increased energy efficiency and convenience.
  • Central Vacuum System – You can significantly remove dust and allergens from the air and floors of your home interior with a vac system.

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