Eco-Friendly Site Selection

Site evaluations are conducted on every new home we build, but when it comes to today’s green building standards there are additional considerations at hand. In accordance, we study several factors to determine the environmental impact of a new home build, including:

  • Ground water and navigable water sources
  • Wet lands, preserves and native wildlife
  • Grade elevations, rainwater flow and drainage
  • Water sources and proper waste removal sources
  • Geographical orientation to minimize wind exposure
  • Maximization of sun to reduce heating and lighting costs
  • Existing trees, aiming to preserve as many as possible

Lake Home Considerations

In the case of a waterfront property, extra steps are needed to ensure sustainability, soundness in construction, and prevention of any construction byproducts entering the lake. As Lake Country’s refined home builder, Regency works hand-in-hand with municipalities to ensure that proper zoning and DNR requirements are met throughout the lake home building process.

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