Infrared Thermal Imaging

Using the latest technology, we use an Infrared Thermal Imaging Gun which detects the heat given off by an object or person. This modern-day tool provides numerous advantages, particularly during and after the insulation process in your home:

  • Detect heat loss from the inside/outside the home
  • Avoid hitting hydronic tubes during renovation
  • Detect overloaded circuit breakers in the electrical panel
  • Find heat runs in the walls

Save on electric bills and avoid expensive repairs down the road. With this enlightening and hassle-free technology, our team gives you even more reason to feel comfortable and confident in your Regency home.

Independent Energy Audit

To ensure the efficiency of your new home, each Regency built house is tested by an independent firm at several stages during the Build Process, including:

  • Pre-construction – Using a computer program, a plan review is completed to ensure your home is designed with potential energy efficiency/performance level in mind.
  • Pre-Drywall Site Visit During Construction – During the framing/insulation stage, this visit allows us to verify plans and evaluate various aspects of the home at a critical stage of construction to ensure that the home will meet program standards for air tightness, ventilation capacity, and combustion safety. This site visit, followed by a written report, is the last chance to address important issues before being covered up with insulation and drywall.
  • Performance Testing – Once the project is at or near completion, thorough testing of the mechanical systems and building shell is scheduled. HVAC airflow testing is extremely valuable to address comfort concerns before they happen, and we also focus on air leakage, examining the integrity of the windows/doors and completeness of attic insulation.

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