We Are Pickier Than You Are

Details matter. As you select a builder, evaluate the quality of the workmanship and look at the details of each job – not just the big picture.

We are confident you will not find another custom home builder in the area that’s as picky as we are. We are also confident our end product is second to none, and we will give you the best home possible, that man and nature can possibly provide.

Highest Quality Materials & Workmanship

Properly constructed and insulated walls. Drywall and tile lines that are straight and true. Perfect miter corners. Door and window casing that is perfectly equal to a perpendicular drywall wall. Solid finishes and fixtures that stand the test of time. Each step in home building hinges on the last. In order for your home to last for generations, the quality of its materials and construction must be consistent, inside the walls and out, throughout every phase of construction.

We are particular about the products, materials, and practices chosen for your project and our Inclusive Price Philosophy makes this possible on-time and on budget – in every Regency built home.

We believe that this kind of quality does not necessarily have to cost more, for example:

  • Work in an organized and safe manner, emphasizing pre-planning leads to quality results
  • Multiple Project Managers evaluate and inspect our work for precision, providing two sets of eyes to double-check each other and catch any problems early
  • Study and embrace all new technological advancements and eco-friendly materials that have improved the building sciences

Qualified Subcontractors

Our scrupulous standards do not only apply to our in-house team. The high expectations that we have for ourselves are also demanded from our subcontractors and are a requirement for them to be our qualified contractors. During the Bid Process and construction of your home, we meticulously scrutinize our extended team for quality and value expertise.

Service & Responsiveness

Perhaps the greatest detail to manage throughout your project is the simple act of communication. Building a custom home should be an enjoyable experience for you and your family and we take great pride in making you our priority.

To keep you informed in an efficient and consistent manner throughout the Construction Process, you will have:

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