Achieving a Sacred and Spiritually Significant New Home Build

For our clients who embrace the principles of Vastu Shastra, our experience as Wisconsin’s premier Vastu Shastra builder brings prosperity, protection and a peaceful environment to your home. From blessings and ceremonies, to working side-by-side with our designers and architects to ensure perfection in every detail, Regency understands this ancient Indian Science of directions, architecture, and buildings.

Having built multiple homes in the Vastu Shastra style, we work with you during the Design Process and throughout construction to:

  • Include all five elements of nature, balanced with the man and the material
  • Respect the importance of the directions of the North and the South, lying in the flow of magnetic waves, which flow from North Pole to South Pole
  • Preserve the unity of Science, Art, Astronomy and Astrology
  • Celebrate the sacred and spiritual significance of a new home warming ceremony

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