Your Values, Your Beliefs, Your Lifestyle

Your home is a representation of your family and should be built around the things that are most important in your lives: your values, your beliefs, and your lifestyle. We can customize your home, on any scale, in order to honor these, making it perfectly tailored to your daily rituals and activities.


Vastu Shastra

For our clients who embrace the principles of Vastu Shastra, our experience as Wisconsin’s premier Vastu Shastra builder, brings prosperity, protection, and a peaceful environment to your home. From blessings and ceremonies, to working side-by-side with our Designers and Architects, we ensure perfection in every detail.

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Multi-Generational Living & Universal Design

Your home is the backdrop to your family’s interaction and comfort. Whether you have a live-in parent or grandparent, or you need universal design to accommodate a disability, we can program floor plans to fit all of your family’s unique needs and create a convenient, safe environment for every member.

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Design for Your Lifestyle

Be it golf rooms, swimming pools, craft areas and more – whatever your family’s past-time passions are, Regency will build your home around them so you can experience your hobbies and interests more fully.

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