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A Full Swing Into Golf

At Regency Builders, we want nothing but the best for the homes we build. Tiger Woods. Jordan Spieth. Jason Day. Jim Furyk. These are just a few of the best golfers that use Full Swing, the worldwide leader in indoor golf simulation technology. We talked with Wes Armstrong of Full Swing Golf, a family man who was looking for a way to spend time with his loved ones while still playing the time-consuming sport he loves most – golf!

Year-round Fun in A Fraction of the Time

In Wisconsin, golf lovers can only enjoy the sport half the year, but with this simulator, they are able to play year-round and in a fraction of the time it takes to play a round on the course. While a typical round takes 4 hours, you can play 18 holes in about an hour with the Full Swing Golf simulator. No searching for your ball. No waiting on the tee box for the foursome in front of you. And no rain delays.

Wes jokes, “You can play in your pajamas…one hole or eighteen. And you can do it year-round, preventing the toll that a winter hiatus can take on your swing.” As golf lovers ourselves at Regency Builders, we can appreciate that!

A Realistic Playing Experience

The biggest question one might have regarding the Full Swing Golf simulator is how it compares to playing on a golf course. Wes explains, “We don’t replace playing outdoors, we compliment it by creating a similar golf experience to what you would normally be doing outside.”

Embraced by tour pros like Tiger Woods and Jordan Speith, you know that you can expect a very realistic, accurate, and fun experience from the system. Full Swing Golf simulators uses real-time ball flight to give you a seamless and instant transition of what the golf ball would be like from the real world to virtual world. With the use of infrared lighting at 60,000 pulses per second, it is able to track the launch conditions, then collect and process the speed of light data to give you instantaneous real-time results.

When it comes to putting, there are actually two modes. For longer lags, you will putt to the screen just like your longer game. But for a more realistic short putt experience, an overhead camera captures shots under 6 feet.

Your at-Home Golf Pro Advice

Whether you are new to the sport or looking to amp up your game a bit more during the winter months, one of the best features is their training option. Full Swing Golf simulators offer multiple tools to help you on your short game or your swing.

While you are practicing on the simulator, the Ion2 Vision Technology (installed on every unit) will instruct you on what you are doing for every angle. It can help you focus on your grip and orientation to demonstrate what to do to get a more accurate shot. This gives you your club head speed, club face path and angle, and detailed ball spin data to help perfect your game. Another option is Swing Catalyst, which captures slow motion video and balance transfer data. By doing this, it gives you the opportunity to review and assess what is working and not working with your golf swing.

Using the Full Swing Golf simulator along with the Ion2 Vision Technology and Swing Catalyst allows all golfers the tools they need to help analyze, correct, and improve their game from the comfort of their own home. Imagine being able to see immediately what your challenges are, make improvements on the spot, and see the immediate impact of those changes. It’s a great self-coaching system or great data to share with your instructor.

Golf Swing Simulator
Golf Swing Simulator
Golf Swing Simulator

Installation & Maintenance

“We like to think of us as a turn key solution. Everything you need is included and installed by one of our Full Swing team members,” Wes explains. With each simulator includes the screens, flooring, ceiling, and sensors to make you experience as close to the real thing as possible.

To best suit your home, they offer two sizing options:

  • Standard – 12 1/2 ft. width x 10 ft. height x 20 ft. depth
  • Wide Screen – 16 1/2 ft. width x 10 ft. height x 20 ft. depth

“While it can be installed at any time and provides a turnkey solution, it’s important that the system is considered during the design of your new home. Regency Builders clients often choose to create a sunken golf pit or must plan for very high lower level ceilings to accommodate a simulator. After all, you’ll want to swing your longest clubs comfortable for the best experience,” Wes explains.

The durable system is maintenance-free and built to last. Whether you spill a beverage during a party or simply looking for a no-hassle technology experience, Full Swing Golf simulators are very easy to clean and low maintenance. There are no software updates and very few “consumable” elements to consider. You may decide to replace your hitting mat and the bulb from the projector might need changing every once in a while, but it is built to be a stress-free experience.

A great feature included with a purchase of one of their simulators is if you are ever looking to move to another location, Full Swing will work with you to move it to your next home. This way, you don’t have to worry about it being damaged or trying to reinstall it.

More than Just Golf

If you think the system is going to be a hard sell for your better half, there’s much more than golf to brag about. Full Swing’s elegant systems can be integrated into the design of the home, working with your architect and selections coordinator to ensure that the screen can double as a theater. Full Swing will blend the design of the simulator into your interior design, ensuring you don’t sacrifice look and feel!

The kids can also enjoy the other games available on the system including hockey, baseball and football. And you’ll have the benefit of playing some of the best courses worldwide without dedicating all of your family vacation time to golf trips.

Where you can find it

Full Swing creates three different types of simulators to give you the option that is best suited for your lifestyle: Pro Series, Sport Series, and Virtual Green. Each simulator is custom-fit to your home with help of design renderings specific to your space.

You can also find them in thousands of commercial environments all over the world. In more than 30 countries, Full Swing is located in golf retailers, recreation and indoor golf centers, private and public golf courses, hotels and resorts, as well as universities.

Full Swing and working with Regency

Wes has worked with Regency over the past few years and believes that they make a great team. “Working with Regency is a breeze. We need to be at the same level of excellence that Regency’s clients expect out of them,” he shares.

Full Swing Golf simulation systems have a full time support technicians that works alongside Regency to verify everything is installed and working properly. “Working together leads to a high level of process and quality control, from conceptual renderings to installation. We make sure it is completed flawlessly,” Wes continues.

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About Full Swing Golf

In 1986, Full Swing was founded by Floyd Arnold when he noted there was a lack of accuracy and durability in the simulator world. In 1991, they released their first few simulators with one of them still in use today at the Bunker Indoor Golf Center in Minnesota. Over the last 32 years, they have provided the most realistic and accurate golf experiences in their industry. Full Swing Golf simulation has also been rated one of the Top 100 Golf Companies in the world.

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