Window installation in a Regency built home

A window of opportunity arrises on Pewaukee Lake.

Windows quite often are equated with opportunity. When building your home, if not properly installed, they can give water an opportunity to leak into your home! Our window installation process includes better water management than any other builder we are aware of. We will give you a step-by-step process of how our partner Zuern creates the perfect seal as well talk about the immaculate window designs from Marvin Windows.

Seal of approval

First, the Tyvek® barrier is wrapped into the sides and sill of the window opening. Next, a tapered, beveled cedar siding is placed in the sill. The tapered sill and 6 inches of the bottom legs are wrapped in flex wrap. The window is then installed utilizing Tyvek® tape on the sides and top of the window, however, the Tyvek® at the top is held over the tape. The bottom flex wrap is open, allowing moisture to escape.

DuPont™ Tyvek® helps make buildings more durable, comfortable, and energy-efficient. Just like the building envelope in regards to roof sheathing, this also applies to windows. It provides a layer of protection against the elements, primarily rain and snow, but also helps conserve energy for both heating and cooling. It is important to keep warm air in during the winter and cool air in during the summer, but just as important, is letting moisture out to prevent mold inside walls and allow insulation to work properly.

Window installation in a Regency built home
Window installation in a Regency built home
Window installation in a Regency built home

The Perfect View of the Lake

With a home built right on Pewaukee Lake, having the perfect windows is as top quality as the view. Marvin Windows are craftsman quality construction windows that are a statement piece in any room. Their energy-efficient technology makes their extensive selection of shapes and sizes perfect for any home that is looking for excellent quality with impeccable taste.

Marvin Windows is always looking for new industry-leading developments and innovations that can set them apart from other window companies. Much like Regency, high-quality materials is a must with Marvin as we all believe that our clients deserve nothing but the best.

Using the highest-quality wood not only makes your windows look amazing but you know you are getting peace of mind when it comes to the windows longevity. Their low maintenance, commercial-grade paint window features leave you feeling confident in the craftsmanship and know that the windows will hold up against anything the weather has against it.

Featured Partner

About Zuern Building Products

Zuern Building Products started in 1953. They provide building materials, window and door packages, as well as millwork throughout Regency Homes so you have the same consistent feeling in every corner you turn.

Jay Robbe has been with Zuern for six years, but has worked alongside Regency for over 23 years. With his background in industrial and interior design and a passion for woodworking, he is a great asset to our team. To see more examples of Zuern Building Products you can visit one of their four show rooms in Allenton, Cedarburg, Franklin, and Watertown.

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