The Phantom Screen System Provides Quite the View to Pewaukee Lake

We’ve told you all about the partnership between Zuern Building Products and Regency Builders…from quality building materials to custom Marvin Windows, they are a treasured partner. Today though, we have a special treat from Zuern: The installation of the new Phantom Screen systems at the Regency Hillcrest!

This is a real wow moment for the home…one where you can start to envision backyard barbecues, the soft breeze off Pewaukee Lake, and friends and family enjoying time together. As the Phantom Screens were being installed, we talked with Adam Treesh of Zuern Building Products who told us all about these systems.

“The Hillcrest home features the Phantom Executive Series, the top-of-the-line remote-controlled screen system,” Adam starts. “Not only did the homeowners choose some of the best Marvin multi-slide doors, they ensured a great bug-free experience in the home by electing to use a scenic screen system that can cover the full 18’ opening.”

Above and Below

As we’ve shared before, the Hillcrest has bountiful outdoor entertaining areas. The use of the Phantom Screen systems both above on the deck and below on the covered patio will allow the homeowners to maximize their indoor/outdoor living areas. The home features the Executive Line, Phantom’s elite line of remote control operated scenic screens.

Phantom Screens lowering
Phantom Screen system fully lowered

Design & Installation of Scenic Screens

“Best case scenario, you plan for screens during the design and construction of your home. Many of these systems are designed to be hidden in a soffit, allowing for a hidden installation that really jives with the overall architectural appearance of the exterior of the home,” Adam shares. “But, if you decided later in the process to use a scenic Phantom screen, that’s ok as well. You’ll track mount the unit and will see the bulkhead of the screen roller more, but manufacturers have designed these systems to be as unobtrusive as possible.”

Adam went on to tell us that screens are great upgrades at a later date. At Regency, we know that sometimes things need to be cut to keep an initial construction budget in check, but that doesn’t mean we don’t plan for them now. Whether it’s adding an elevator at a later date or planning for the installation of a remote control screen system in a few years, Regency will design your home now so these upgrades will fit flawlessly later. In the case of a screen system, not only can we design a soffit that can hold the bulkhead later, but also pre-wire the system to avoid added electrical costs down the road.

Adam also shared that installation of these systems is critical. Zuern has a dedicated local installer that they contract with during construction, as well as for service down the road. This provides a lot of peace of mind, knowing that local installation includes measure, order, and install by a manufacturer trained professional.

Screen Types and Material Selections

The Phantom Screen systems come in several applications: the remote-controlled Executive Series as seen in the Hillcrest home, the Serene line which has a manual operation, as well as the side-mounted non-motorized Legacy line. Used across screen porches, covered decks, and outdoor areas across the country, the company can match exterior trim, show beautiful wood grain, and provide 10 standard colors as well as custom finishes.

When it comes to screen types, the options are just as plentiful. From extra-durable screening that is great for pets and kids, to light filtering and high-transparency products that maximize the view, Phantom provides homeowners with choice. At the Hillcrest home, the unit features a reflection blocking, UV protecting screen.

Featured Partner

About Zuern Building & Phantom Screens

Zuern and Regency Builders have a strong relationship across many phases of construction. As one of Regency’s Premier Partners, Zuern provides many of the materials used including lumber, windows, and screen systems. Their vendor, Phantom Screens, has been in operation since 1992 and is one of the world’s largest screen systems manufacturers.

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