Rough carpentry of a Regency built home

Working with an A Team!

Over the course of the next few blogs, we’ll be introducing you to some building materials and talk more about rough construction and why it’s so critically important. But, even more important is how those materials are used. Regency believes in quality, and that extends to the contractors and suppliers they work with. The Regency Builders team values those relationships and works in harmony with them. After all, they’re like family!

One of several key relationships Regency has is with Zuern Building Products , established in 1954, who supplies all of the lumber for our homes. Dave Zuern, third generation owner, runs the company with his two brothers and two cousins.

Rough carpentry of a Regency built home
Rough carpentry of a Regency built home
Rough carpentry of a Regency built home

“Regency is best for their organization and is top of the line! They use only the best materials and partners.” stated Dave when asked what makes Regency different than other builders. “They are known for: Quality – Employees – Workmanship. And because of their extensive relationship with Zuern, they are a priority to us when it comes to lumber, changes, and pricing.”

Mike Bertram, owner of the company is the primary project manager and visits the site multiple times a day. Because we work in tandem with two project managers, Chad Monty visits the site regularly as well. Four eyes are always better the two! And, we rely on our trade partners to do the same thing – especially when it comes to starting off on the right foot with our rough carpentry team.

Rich Arndorfer, of Arndorfer Construction, has been in the business since he was 12 years old and has been Regency’s rough carpenter for the past eight years.

“Pre-engineering is important, but so is looking at and evaluating it throughout the building process. I view that as my role in making sure that the choices made and methods used during the rough construction phase serve the best interest of Regency’s clients,” says Rich. He is able to look at inconsistencies and areas where they can save the homeowner money and quickly consult with the Regency team to address them.

Rich and his team use lasers, calculators and right angles to get every line, corner, and edge, straight, plumbed, level, and square. For this home, it took 12 hours to square the foundation alone! We’ll look at some other swift decisions that Rich and our team made on framing and roof trusses in future blogs – evidence that change does happen mid-project and that we know how to tackle it together to keep your project on time and on budget!

What’s trust? What’s family? Two of our own “sons” here at Regency also worked for Rich over the summer, learning the ins and outs of rough carpentry and why it is so important to the family business.

Featured Partner

About Zuern Building Products

Zuern Building Products started in 1953. They provide building materials, window and door packages, as well as millwork throughout Regency Homes so you have the same consistent feeling in every corner you turn.

Jay Robbe has been with Zuern for six years, but has worked alongside Regency for over 23 years. With his background in industrial and interior design and a passion for woodworking, he is a great asset to our team. To see more examples of Zuern Building Products you can visit one of their four show rooms in Allenton, Cedarburg, Franklin, and Watertown.

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