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We’ve got quite an uplifting update on the Hillcrest project… installation has been completed on a modern industrial, two-floor elevator by Waupaca Elevator Company, based in Appleton! We talked with Leo Lopez, regional sales manager of Wisconsin Sales & Service, about this great new feature in the Regency Hillcrest!

Current In-home Elevator Trends

Not just an option for those with accessibility needs or the extremely wealthy, residential elevators have become more popular than ever within the last decade. Leo told us that around 40% of the marketplace, in fact, is based around elevators installed in two-level housing…As nursing homes and assisted living become increasingly expensive, elevator installs are growing to be commonplace. The elevator allows people to “age in place” while providing independence and convenience for years to come!

Even if a Regency client doesn’t need or desire an elevator at this time, nearly every home we design has the option to add it later. How? Planning for a future elevator shaft in the design and construction phase. The elevator shaft is constructed now in a way that provides the family additional closet or storage space, which can be repurposed later for the elevator.

Another trend in residential elevators is technology. From LED panels to phone/app driven systems, you’ll find all the bells and whistles of a commercial product in the best of today’s residential elevators.

Hillcrest Elevator, Safety & Timing

The specific elevator installed in the Hillcrest home is a shaker-style cabinet, which is hand-finished and sports a rustic look. It took approximately 3 days to install, with Regency finalizing the extra touches that make it feel less commercial, such as matching flooring and finishes. The lift is powered by a drum style motor, which serves as a winch to lift and lower the cabinet upon control. Drum style motors have become very popular in residential elevator applications requiring less service, maintaining a smaller footprint, softening elevator operation volume, and providing a more environmentally friendly option than the traditional hydraulic lift.

Waupaca’s service includes design, manufacturing, installation, and service. All in-home elevator installs are verified by a state inspector for safety… load tests, free drops, checking the safety breaks, as well as annual inspection are important!

Waupaca’s Relationship with Regency

“Regency Builders is a leader in residential construction; they know what they’re doing and they’re extremely professional,” says Leo. “They’re one of our best clients, and we complete approximately six to eight elevator installs per year for Regency. With them, I don’t have to check up as much on the install process as I would with other companies because I know that they’ve built an exceptional house around our product.”

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About Waupaca Elevators

Based in Appleton and with over 50 years of service, Waupaca specializes in residential elevators, which make up 90% of their business. As we mentioned earlier, they not only specialize in the design and installation of residential elevators, but also the service.

Leo shared that just as important as proper installation is proper service. For less than $1/day, elevators can be serviced and inspected for any safety problems, keeping you from experiencing any unexpected “ups and downs” with the product!

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