There are Many Decisions to be Made – We Help Manage Them to Save You Time & Money

Many people consider building a home to be an overwhelming process. The time and energy that it takes to endure the Home Design, construction, and materials selection process can be a major deterrent for some. At Regency Builders, it is our responsibility to make achieving your dream as pain-free and efficient as possible. Our overriding goal is to give you back your time.

Our clients choose Regency because we save you time through:

  • Budget – Communicating well, with thorough knowledge of material quality and cost
  • Construction – Managing the home, subcontractors, and processes so you do not have to inspect the site
  • Selections – Guiding you on the appropriate order with which to make your new home selections

The Role of a Selections Consultant

A Selections Consultant is there to help as you make the many decisions involved in creating the home of your dreams. From the early stages of design and material selection through occupancy and furniture placement, a Selections Consultant works to ensure that your home is “move-in ready” when you are! In close collaboration with the construction team, they will arrange all of the appointments with material suppliers to keep your home on schedule and on budget.

We help you stay organized and focused to make certain that all of the selections fit together, reflect your unique vision, and lifestyle preferences.

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