The Science of Location, Positioning, Perspective & Sun

Maximize sunlight and exposure, as well as thoroughly understand the costs associated with developing your property by involving both builder and architect early in the process of selecting and evaluating a lot.

Before bringing your new home to life through 3D Architectural Design, our Design Team and construction team become familiar with your site by walking it, photographing it, and documenting existing conditions as appropriate.

Then, we obtain general and special site data such as:

  • Local municipality and county requirements and restrictions such as setbacks, maximum height, and green space
  • Survey with property boundaries
  • Grading/contour plan data
  • GeoTechnical studies, soil reports, and related information
  • Sanitary system, water or private well data and design
  • Complexities associated with waterfront property or a tear down/in fill

After evaluation of the site for proper building specifications, a preliminary site analysis is performed, including considerations like:

  • Using Google Earth to help suggest location, positioning, perspective, and approach
  • Sun and daylight exposure and effects to living space
  • Circulation of vehicles and people
  • Landscaping and hardscape needs as well as best maximized exposure, taking into account proper drainage
  • “Negative space” – those areas created as residual by the “positive footprint” of a structure
  • Exposure to site’s best features and strong consideration of views
  • Context of area or neighborhood, minimizing unwanted site intrusions

Leveraging Technology to Maximize Sun

Today’s 3D Architectural technology allows us to show you how the light hits your property at different times of the day, even taking seasonality into consideration to:

  • Position your home to maximize sunrise and sunset views
  • Enjoy the most sun possible on your pool area throughout the summer months
  • Reduce shadows on driveways and walkways in winter, making ice and snow control easier
  • Reduce glare on televisions with proper window and screen placement
  • Ensure the most sun possible for greenhouses, sunrooms and other desired areas

With special emphasis on finding and repurposing lake and other existing property for new home construction, Regency is well versed in the unique site challenges that exist in lake building and tear down construction.

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