Discover the Essence of Your Home

To earn your trust and your project, our Home Design Team dedicates significant time to your project even before signing a design contract. Be it the initial site evaluation or early conceptual design, we recognize that each Regency home should dictate smart and functional design. Discover the essence of your future home through:

Conceptual Design

The first step in crafting your new home involves creating conceptual site diagrams that graphically demonstrate the flow and function of your new home.

These “floor plan bubble diagrams” represent the preliminary concepts for:

  • First floor plan
  • General layout and relationship between the spaces in the home
  • A conceptual front elevation
  • Building perspective
  • Preliminary pricing to determine fit for your budget

By exploring today’s social media sites like Houzz and Pinterest, picture libraries and dimensional software can give you an understanding of general building forms. These pictures and tools can help us better understand the vision for your new home and your unique style choices.

Design Development

The next step helps develop the concept drawings to a new level of detail, incorporating structural and budgetary considerations, as well as addressing design issues such as:

  • Entry to the home – approach perspective
  • Transition between public and private spaces
  • Window positioning and daylight into the home
  • Gateway, courtyard, and covered entryways
  • Organization, alignments, and sequence of spaces
  • Floor and ceiling height variation and variety of detail
  • Use of symmetry and asymmetry throughout the home
  • Use of Houzz and Pinterest for your exterior facade style
  • Consideration of all needed room sizes, with emphasis on reducing unnecessary square footage

At this stage we will be able to offer you a baseline budget.

Learn How 3D Architecture Can Bring Your New Home to Life

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