Have that “This Feels Like Home” Feeling Before Even Breaking Ground

The investment in a custom built Regency home cannot be based solely on budget and specifications. With the 3D Architectural tools at our disposal, you can have that “this feels like home” feeling far before breaking ground.

Our Custom Home Design Team believes that the marriage of emotion and logic make for a remarkable home with the right balance of form and function.

Once entering an architectural agreement, we will construct 3D renderings and animation so you can:

  • Understand how the site evaluation findings impact sunlight and foundation exposure opportunities outside and inside your new home
  • Compare design features, while Regency shares construction costs for each, helping you weigh your options. We are experts at “value engineering.”
  • Visualize every detail of your new home, inside and out, helping you understand the spatial relationships between spaces
  • Project possible landscaping and furnishing layouts, bringing life to your new home and show you its livability and overall appearance

 The Simple Click of a Button

Today’s 3D architecture allows you to feel confident in the big decisions you make on your new home, allowing you to:

  • Determine the appropriate combination of exterior medium (i.e. stone, brick, siding, stucco)
  • Look at your new home in a “real life” view
  • Study roof shapes, window forms, and exterior design detail, allowing us to add or eliminate features based off budget constraints
  • Choose your exterior color palette
  • Complete a virtual walk-through of the interior of your home
  • Fully understand the ceiling, beam, kitchen, and bar detail

Following 3D Architecture, we finalize drawings, all construction documents, and specifications necessary for providing a final budget estimate and fully-detailed proposal to build your new home. All Regency homes are structurally engineered with complete electrical and cabinet plans, ensuring that your home will be built on budget. When you sign a contract with Regency, our over-riding goal is to come within 1% of the initial budget so you can start construction knowing there will be no extras along the way unless self induced.

Watch a Home Being Built Before Your Eyes

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