From Communication to Construction Management & Occupancy

While you’ve seen your new home come to life through our Design Process, the building process makes that vision a reality. Focusing on each detail as if it was our own home, our team’s focus is twofold – communication and adherence to stringent quality standards at each step:

Bidding the Project

One of the biggest opportunities during a new-home build is securing competitive pricing from high-quality, reputable trade contractors. When bidding your project, we select tradespeople based on stringent Regency criteria and scrutinize bids based on quality and value expertise. All of our trade partners recognize they are bidding against Regency qualified competitors, insuring that we are getting the most competitive pricing possible to offer our clients superior value.

Building Communications Standards

Building Communications happens throughout the remainder of our process, and is centered around completing your project on time and on budget. Typically a 4,500 square foot house takes 9 months to complete, during which we:

  • Develop a job construction schedule with clear start dates, end dates, and milestones
  • Introduce you to our easy-to-use online communication BuildTools software
  • Provide weekly job schedule and selection updates, with all of our selections being made 3 weeks in advance
  • Offer to walk through your new home together with you at various stages of construction, making sure you have the opportunity to communicate any concerns
  • Save you time by answering questions efficiently
  • Inspect your home a minimum of once per day, ensuring that all construction is done to the “Regency Standard”

Construction Management

What you can expect during the construction process, and key points of contact include:

  • Mike Bertram, a Regency Builders Owner, and Kevin McLaughlin will oversee the quality assurance of your home throughout the project.
  • Mike’s commitment to the technical details emphasizes his involvement in the early phases (pre-drywall), ensuring your home’s structure has strong, rigid “bones”
  • Once drywalling begins, your Construction Manager will take the helm to oversee the finishing touches
  • As the home nears completion, your Construction Manager will mark items with colored tape, indicating areas that need to be addressed or fixed prior to occupancy
  • Digital video of all rough mechanicals and structure for future reference, so you can be assured that your home has passed Regency “picky” standards
  • Energy audit and testing to ensure your new Regency home meets today’s eco-friendly standards

Walk-Throughs and Occupancy

Just after the painter has finished with the woodwork (about 2-1/2 months prior to occupancy), we are able to give you a firm occupancy date and a schedule of completion. Our occupancy process includes:

  • Mike, Jon, Chad and Kevin’s “picky walk-throughs” to ensure contractor quality
  • Overseeing of your home by Chad for at least 2 hours per day. to ensure proper wrap-up and immediate access to you and our sub contractors
  • Final construction cleaning
  • Final walk-through with you to make sure your home is as close to perfect as man and nature can provide…the Regency Standard
  • Additional information about our One-Year Warranty, which includes a thorough inspection at 30 days and one year
  • Educating you on your homes electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and appliances
  • Half-day with your Construction Manager to help with hanging pictures and assist with anything in your new home

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