The Best Roofing Materials and Workmanship for Custom Homes

As a custom home builder, our clients are able to build the house of their dreams. Often that means embracing unique architectural details, which can mean complex roof lines, material choices, and styles. We’ve trusted our friends at L.H. Krueger & Son to help us build some of the most unique homes in Southeast Wisconsin. Today, we talk with Ryan Krueger who explains how it is important for L.H. Krueger to be a part of the new construction and roofing process from the very beginning, as well as ways to prepare your roof for Wisconsin’s weather year-round!

Architecturally Appealing Custom Home Roofing Materials

Roofing isn’t often the first thing that you think of when building, but the unique nature of custom homes means that every system is integral to the design process. Starting with a thorough evaluation of the architectural blueprints, L.H. Krueger & Son helps our team identify industry-leading roofing materials that provide both architectural appeal as well as a structurally sound, long-lasting roof for your home.

“Traditional materials such as asphalt shingles have changed a lot in the past decade, with greater variation in color and more dimension. This is great news for the custom home building industry,” Ryan shares. Years ago, asphalt shingles were often rejected in custom construction because they didn’t provide the aesthetics that people were looking for. Instead, builders and homeowners chose to work with cedar shakes. Regency was one of those builders!

Over the years, we have learned that while cedar is a great looking material, it doesn’t always withstand the elements well. Newer asphalt shingles have a dimensional design that give a home the appearance of shakes, with a much longer lasting, higher performing material. In fact, you’ll see many higher-end residential neighborhoods built in the 1990’s and early 2000’s changing their subdivision bylaws, allowing new dimensional shingles to replace cedar shakes. With a much longer lifespan and warranty, these new roofing products maintain a great look while providing protection for years to come.

Ventilation of Your Roof

At Regency, we have a high standard for our homes. Great design is just the start. Mechanicals that perform at top-rated standards, as well as ventilation and air exchange are complex engineering systems that make Regency homes stand the test of time. Throughout the roofing process, we work to create proper ventilation, minimizing the moisture in attics, soffits, and other areas by creating a proper exchange of air.

“Houses need to breathe, and one of the best ways to do that is with a ridge vent. They remain effective even in the colder winter months with the help of wind and heat from the home,” Ryan explains. Ridge venting, combined with proper soffit vents give a continuous airflow similar to how a chimney works. And, because many Regency built homes have high cathedral-style ceilings, these systems must integrate with water barriers and a insulation strategy to maximize the overall design.

Protecting Your Roof from Snow and Ice

Living in the Midwest, we know what mother nature has in store for us – rain, cold, snow, and ice. Your roof is what saves you from the wrath of Wisconsin’s weather. Ice can form alongside skylights, chimneys, and vents after a storm which can create an ice dam. Those ice dams can catch water and other debris, preventing melting snow from draining down the roof. The water that gets backed up behind the dam and can cause damage to walls, ceilings, and insulation.

“Many of Regency’s roofs can be complicated. We make the extra effort to use products like ice and water shield to protect the home and its unique shapes,” Ryan states. “Regency insists we use extra layers of ice and water shields in areas that are more prone to leaks. By laying two rows of the ice and water shield, we create an overlap that will perform well, keep moisture at bay, and prevent ice dams in cold weather.”

Regency and L.H. Krueger

For nearly a decade, Regency and L.H. Krueger have built a great relationship when it comes to custom roofing systems. We know working with L.H. Krueger that our complex roofs and unique architectural details will be built to match not only our standards, but our client’s as well. “I like working with Regency because they are not afraid to use high-quality materials,” Ryan exclaims. “While other builders cut corners, Regency goes above and beyond to make sure that the very best is built for their clients.”

With complex pitches, gables, and architectural designs, Regency understands that partnering with the best roofing partner is important. “We strive to do our work and do it well, “ Ryan says, “Quality is incredibly important, and so is keeping a steady and manageable pace that helps us maintain quality workmanship. It’s a great feeling knowing that Regency understands that.”

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