Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly

Proper insulation is one of the largest areas of energy savings in a new home and as you would expect, Regency starts with the best, providing long-term benefits for our clients.

Doug, with Dakota Drywall, has worked with Regency Builders for over 15 years. When asked what makes a Regency home special, he said, “Regency uses nothing but the best.” Doug also appreciates the ease in which they work with each other. “They make is easy to order, coordinate, and install. Their PO’s are written way ahead so we know what goes where and when. Regency’s scheduling is as good as it gets!” When Dakota Drywall comes into a project to begin installing insulation, it must be waterproof and weather tight. The Regency team makes sure the site is clean, dry, and ready for this important phase of rough construction!

Higher Standards for Every Regency Home Insulation

Regency uses 2” R-10 rigid foam insulation from footing to grade on our foundation walls, ensuring the exterior of your home is protected from ground temperature. To reduce air loss by about 18%, we include 3” closed cell spray foam insulation at the box sill and band joist area between floors. R-23 high-density blown-in fiberglass insulation is used at exterior 2’x6′ walls, and R-19 batt insulation at garage walls.

We exceed building code across many areas of our construction methods, and insulation is no exception! For example, although building code only requires R-38, Regency uses R-50 blown insulation at ceilings, ensuring you will not have a drafty home!

Doug recognizes Regency’s above the bar quality work, focusing on the most critical points in the homes they build, such as second-floor overhangs and cold ceiling basements. These critical areas are often overlooked with other builders, but Dakota and Regency ensure that they are not bypassed in a Regency built home! Both partners believe in these exceptional practices, knowing that while it may cost more up-front, the upgrades pay for themselves in 7-8 years of energy savings!

Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation Benefits

One product that Dakota uses in Regency built homes is closed cell spray foam insulation. This is one of the best insulation products on the market and has many benefits. It is multi-purpose, acting as a powerful insulator, reducing air leakage, minimizing water and moisture transfer, and deterring mold. Since it is sprayed to adhere to the wall, it provides a complete seal and out-performs all other types of insulation by incredible margins, offering optimal energy efficiency, while being eco-friendly with a long lifespan.

Infrared Thermal Imaging Gun

Using the latest technology, our team utilizes an Infrared Thermal Imaging Gun. This modern-day tool provides numerous advantages, particularly during and after the insulation process in your home, detecting any heat loss from inside and outside the home, as well as hot and cool spots. Dakota does great work, so there are rarely concerns found with the gun. But, when there are, this technology identifies areas that need to be addressed before closing up the walls with drywall. With this enlightening and hassle-free technology, our team is able to avoid more expensive repairs down the road, giving you, even more, reason to feel comfortable and confident in your Regency home. Dakota Drywall is proud of their experienced team of professionals providing their customers with high efficiency and quality installation.

Visit our partner, Dakota Drywall at their website – or call them at 262-650-1111.

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About Dakota Drywall

Locally owned and operated, Dakota Drywall is a high-quality service drywall, insulation, and painting contractor for Southeastern Wisconsin. They complete their jobs in a prompt, professional manner assuring a hassle-free experience.

Dakota Drywall takes pride in their work by using only the best building materials on the market including Owen Corning and Knauf Fiberglass material. They also work with well-known drywall suppliers such as Badgerland Supply and Marriott Drywall.

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