An indoor pool built by Neuman Pools

Building Fun & Imagination

Neuman Pools has been in aquatic construction since 1973 and builds custom designed pools from backyards to waterparks, indoors and out. They are a one-stop, all in-house, family run business allowing them control over quality and design. We recently talked with Chris Neuman about Neuman Pools and the latest trends in pool design.

When explaining what they do, Chris said, “We build fun and imagination, adding to family memories. We want to change the way you and your family relax and build family memories!”

One of the reasons Regency Builders chooses to work with Neuman Pools is because they are a relationship based company. When starting a new pool project it is very important for them to first listen to the wants and needs of their clients.

  • What does the family want?
  • Who will be using the pool?
  • How many will be using it?
  • What ages are they?
  • How will they each use it?

Not only does Chris want to make sure your custom designed pool is user friendly for everyone, but he also wants to make it timeless, to be enjoyed by generations to come, and to stand the test of time.

Chris stated, “We enjoy working with Regency and appreciate that they bring us into projects early on for proper planning of the custom pools their clients desire.” Neuman Pools is involved early in the process as part of the design build team. This allows them to achieve the homeowners goals, while keeping the fun addition of a pool or spa on time and on budget throughout the new construction process.

This is critically important in the construction of an indoor pool – where form and function are just as important as material choice and construction methods. When designing an indoor pool, additional considerations come into play regarding the room it will be built in, how much deck space is needed and what ceiling height is comfortable, all while creating the atmosphere the homeowner wants. Room finishes must hold up to humidity and the corrosive environment. Proper ventilation is very important in the system, to allow for adequate fresh air. No one wants that old hotel pool smell or the noise and echo we associate with them.

An indoor pool built by Neuman Pools
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Custom Swimming Pool Trends

Gone are the days of only rectangle swimming pools! 2017 continues to see free-form pools with integral hot tubs. Pool finishes, lighting, multi-use areas, and pool maintenance are also seeing new trends, also introducing… fire and light!

Custom Pool Finishes

Pool finishes can be compared to paint on a wall, highly dependent on the homeowner’s design style. Today’s finishing materials go far beyond the white plaster used in the past, allowing each pool to be unique. The finish adds another dimension, creating different pool water color, adding to the overall environment.

  • Pebble finishes add texture to the appearance from both the color and the actual feel.
  • Glass beads and tiles create a deeper, richer water color and sparkle when the sunlight reflects off of them.
  • Polished finishes are very smooth and due to the harshness of pool water over time, can be re-polished for a new, refreshed look.
  • Mosaics and large format tile are design elements typically seen inside, now brought outside to the pool.

LED Swimming Pool Lighting

The latest in lighting technology is the use of laminar lighting to add yet another dimension to an outdoor pool space, as is environmentally friendly LED lighting.

Unique Ledges & Seating Areas for Recreation

Relaxation is a big reason many homeowners add a pool to their home and trends today exemplify this. Tanning ledges, a shallow ledge along the pool edge and lounge chairs built right in are just a few additions to pool design. These areas, which are only a few inches deep, keep you cool while tanning and offer kids a safe place to play. In-water tables equipped with an umbrella allow you to enjoy your favorite beverage while staying cool in the pool.

Using Fire & Water Together in a Pool Design

The combination of water and fire has made a big splash in outdoor pool design, not only for its functionality, but also the aesthetic look it contributes to the overall look and feel of the space. The addition of fire extends the use of the backyard into cooler months, giving off warmth and a beautiful glow that plays off the reflection of the water. Features include fireplaces, fire pits, fire bowls, and fire torches.

Pool Maintenance Trends

  • Automatic covers retract and cover on their own. Pool equipment, lighting, and temperature can be controlled from your smartphone.
  • Self-contained robotic pool cleaners clean up debris from the bottom of your pool without water pressure. Another bonus is that you don’t need to run your filter while it is cleaning because it runs independently on electricity.
  • In-floor pool cleaning and circulations systems are built-in and clean your pool while you relax.
  • All-natural enzyme pool treatments help by consuming visible and invisible organic matter, such as oils, detergents, dirt, and pollen, ideal for highly used pools, saving time and chemicals.
  • Ozone and UV pool water treatments rid your pool of soaps, scum, oils, and chloramines. These sanitize your pool water faster and more effectively than anything else available and have a better smell, taste, and clarity than chlorine alone.
  • Low chlorine pool treatment solutions are also now available.
  • The salt chlorine generators in salt systems generate chlorine from the salt added to the pool water. They provide softer water than traditional chlorine pools and can reduce the need to add chlorine directly to the water.

Neuman Pools Service Department maintains a dedicated professional staff to serve your needs year round.

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About Neuman Pools

Founded in 1973, Neuman Pools, Inc. has specialized in areas of planning, designing, and building pools. They are committed to providing the finest quality products and innovative solutions that will exceed their customer’s needs and wants. Priding themselves on being a premier builder of aquatic facilities, they understand the expectations of their customers and provide prompt customer service with a great attitude.

Their portfolio includes:

  • Residential indoor and outdoor pools
  • Lap pools
  • Leisure pools
  • Waterparks
  • Lazy Rivers
  • Zero Depth Pools
  • Waterfalls
  • Therapy pools
  • And much more!
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