A designer’s helping hand throughout a custom build home.

Whether it’s simple or eclectic, your home should reflect your personality. Picking out the details for your home can seem overwhelming and a lot of work. Thankfully, Cherie Sieth from Lafrance Interiors helps Regency as the Selections Coordinator to help guide clients through the process while making the experience as smooth and easy as possible.

What you can expect working with a Selections Coordinator

Meeting with each client from the very beginning is crucial to making the home as personal as possible. At first, there are casual one-on-one meetings to discuss life in general, learn about the homeowner’s lifestyle and family, what they do for a living, and how they like to entertain. This helps not only to get a feel for the design elements for the new home, but also helps build a relationship early on.

Viewing the clients existing home is imperative for Cherie to get a good feel of your style and talk about features you love in your current home that they’d like to bring into their new home. Questions can get as detailed as how do you cook to how do you store things. This gives Cherie a comprehensive understanding of what products and styles to incorporate during the design process.

Going to showrooms on your own can feel like a lot of work. Cherie schedules one full day of showroom tours to try and make the trip as efficient as possible without making the whole process feel overwhelming. “It can consist of picking out paint, countertops, fixtures, and more. By making selections in a day, perhaps two, it is much easier to remember your choices and how they will blend together once installed. Don’t worry, there’s still time for lunch,” says Cherie.

From the initial meetings to your selections day, working with a designer is a somewhat intimate and custom experience. “The average amount of time I spend with my clients is somewhere around 300 hours from start to finish, but every client is different. My clients become my friends because it becomes such a personal process,” she exclaims.

Early Involvement in the Design of Your Home

Working as the liaison between the builder and the homeowner, Cherie starts early on with both parties to create a plan that fits each customer’s unique needs. From the exterior to interior, she works to keep the flow of the house consistent with the look and feel of the outside of the house.

Being involved on the front end, Cherie works with the homeowner to see if they want to include any of their current furniture as it may effect the way the architect designs the room. All of these steps are important because no one wants to come in on moving day to find out their sectional doesn’t fit in the space it was intended to go into!

When you can’t Agree on Choices for Your New Home

Cherie knows playing umpire between family members is something she will have to do. Not everyone can agree, so they look to her to give advice. She explains, “I never pick sides. I will give you my opinion of what I think is the best option for the space. I might have a favorite, but it’s their home, not mine.”

Instead of presenting “here’s what you should do”, the approach is more “here are options you can use.” This way the homeowners feel more comfortable giving their opinion without feeling pressured into something they may not like just because Cherie does.

Kitchen - interior design in a Regency built home
Master bathroom - interior design in a Regency built home
Guest bathroom - interior design in a Regency built home

It’s all about the Selections

Your home is such a big investment, you want it to last a lifetime. That’s why the selection process is so imperative when creating your dream home. The selection guide that she bases her schedule on starts with three separate phases of homebuilding.

Phase 1 – Includes the very beginning stages with appliances, such as stoves, double refrigerator/freezer, and laundry, as well as exterior designs like shingles, siding, and outdoor paint colors.

Phase 2 – Starts with interior placements and products, such as tile patterns, millwork, countertops, plumbing, and ceiling fixtures.

Phase 3 – Leads to more of the design styles, including window treatments, artwork, and accessories. This is the phase where people tend to get the most creative and intimate during the process.

Cherie points out that there are things you should and shouldn’t worry about. Paint colors are so easily interchangeable, it doesn’t mean that things need to be boring as you can always change them. Things that are hard to change like cabinetry and interior doors are what you want to make timeless choices, as they are products that are meant to last.

Selections Coordinators also help clients keep their budgets on track. While some items like a showcase light fixture in the dining room are worth the splurge, Cherie can help you find values in other areas, such as tile, that allow you to keep your overall budget managed along the way.

Onsite Throughout Construction

During construction, you will find Cherie visiting the jobsite regularly to make sure that everything is going according to plan. She works with other contractors to verify things like plumbing and lighting fixture locations are correct and decorative tile layouts are installed properly. Being on the site regularly, she’s built a great relationship with Regency and our other contractors. She explains, “I may receive up to 10 calls a day from project managers and contractors. Having that relationship established from the beginning helps reassure us that every decision is important in the end result of the home.”

Cherie’s background originated from her General Contracting firm that she owned for years. Being a part of the early construction phases is something she is happy to be a part of. “I love the construction details and it’s just as fun as the whole design process,” she exclaims. With this experience, she knows running a project from stat to finish like the back of her hand.

Working with Regency

At Regency, we are different. We do not build model homes and we know that each home we do build is as unique as the person it is designed for. Nor is it our goal to build a trendy home, we want to build a timeless home. Working alongside Cherie, we know we are going to get personalized and unique options. An important aspect of building a home is our homeowners working with people they can trust, but someone Regency can too.

“I treat every project as if the house was my own and so does Regency,” she says. “They are so organized, incredible with communication. Many of the other subcontractors have worked together in the past so we know just how to make it a smooth experience for the homeowner and Regency.”

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About Lafrance Interiors

Cherie Sieth created Lafrance Interiors in Delafield, Wisconsin in 2013. She specializes in residential and commercial interior design while building a personal relationship with all of her clients to create the space of their dreams.