The End Result is all About Carpentry, Climate, and Craftsmanship!

“Drywall is a unique product. You can do it right, but it can still go very wrong.” That quote from Todd Eckhart of Applewood Drywall Services is exactly why process, preparation, and perfectionism is so important in the drywall industry!

From site conditions to humidity levels, drywall can be a tricky product to work with. As drywall is installed at the Regency Hillcrest, we’ll share with you some of the tips, tricks and unique approaches that Regency Builders and our partner, Applewood Drywall Services, take to make sure this important phase of construction is performed to our high standards!

The Impact of Carpentry on Drywall

Great looking walls start with rough carpentry. Square, true walls built by the rough carpentry team at Regency Builders helps the Applewood team to make sure that drywall is hung correctly. Also, in cases where warping or bending has happened since rough carpentry, the drywall team can use shims behind their product to ensure a square installation. In large custom homes like those that Regency Builders builds, this is even more critical – providing unique architectural detail and crisp, clean, and straight drywall lines. We realize how symmetric Jon Schoenheider and the Regency team is. They are by far the most observant and critical (Pickiest) builder we work with. Due to there well-managed process, payment methods, plan detail, and volume discount, we offer Regency superb pricing.

Site Conditions, Climate & Time Help The Drywall Process

Overall, Todd shared with us that the most important factor is time and climate. “You can’t rush the process. You have to have enough time and the right climate for drywall to be done right,” says Todd. Regency’s attention to the humidity in the home means bringing commercial humidifiers and dehumidifiers in the home throughout construction, as well as having all furnace, Aprilaire home humidifiers, and other mechanical systems functional during this phase. When Todd’s team can control the climate and take the proper time to allow the product to dry and cure, it ensures a great finish for years to come!

Drywall installation in progress inside a Regency home
Drywall installation in progress in a Regency home
Applewood Drywall crew mudding drywall seams

Craftsman Drywall Workmanship

Another important element is the experience of the installers. Many other builders use “forgiving techniques and finishes” that help hide imperfections in the workmanship. But at Regency Builders, we know that sacrificing on quality is never an option. The Applewood team is experienced in hand finishes and skip trowel work that is rare in today’s marketplace. Todd knows they don’t have to “hide sins” with knockdown finishes or rounded corner beads that are more forgiving, because his team brings extensive experience to each Regency project.. If you choose to tour the Hillcrest model we challenge you to look for the following.

  1. Ceiling line crisp, straight and true.
  2. Distance between door casing to drywall on each side symmetric or centered in the hall or door way.
  3. Zero waves in long walls
  4. Arched openings true and symmetric
  5. Zero defects with visual inspection from 18” away

Drywaller Return Following Finish Carpentry

Once we get to finish carpentry at the Hillcrest, you’ll see this story come full circle, with the Applewood Team returning to the jobsite to fill and float out any imperfections. While other builders force the crown, base, and other trim into place around the drywall regardless of how square it is, Regency’s finish carpentry team will perform a perfect square installation, with the drywallers returning to fill and float any gaps. This is a rarity in home construction, but a technique used by Regency to ensure the very best!

Homeowner Selections & Trends in Drywall

Choice is important when it comes to your home…and at Regency, we know that doesn’t just mean selecting the best fixtures, countertop, or flooring choices. Applewood Drywall is a great partner in this area. Their showroom in Waukesha allows homeowners to see textures and applications first-hand, rather than choosing from a photo or website, and they keep up-to-date on the latest trends in the marketplace.

“We’re definitely seeing a return to square corner beads, orange peel, and smooth finishes in custom home building,” states Todd. “The Regency Hillcrest is a great example of that classic look. A clean, crisp drywall installation might take added time and technique over the rounded corner beads and spray finishes that other builders use, but it is the mark of quality in a custom home.”

Featured Partner

About Applewood Drywall Services

Since 1976, Applewood Drywall Services has been one of the area’s leading contractors. They have a focus in custom residential home construction, as well as a commercial division and a plastering division. Applewood’s team is a critical partner to Regency Builders and the quality construction we can offer our clients!