This Custom Home Gets Its Lifeblood – Water!

It was a big day on the Hillcrest jobsite! Water! Rob Frey of Guthrie & Frey Water Conditioning shares his expertise on the subject…

We’re often asked how deep wells are – and the answer is, “It varies!” Water tables throughout Southeast Wisconsin vary as much as the bedrock! Average well depths in our area are around 225 feet, but we’ve seen wells as shallow as 80 feet and as deep as a whopping 525 feet!

That’s why it is important to work with a custom home builder who understands all of the variables of building – it is not just the lot and the cost of the home, but factors like site conditions and anticipated improvement costs that factor into your overall budget.

As part of the lot purchase, and especially during a tear down, we encourage buyers to use a contingency that allows several of our trusted partners to evaluate site conditions – one being the current well. What is the current well depth? Does it require a commercial iron filter to prevent exterior driveways, masonry, and retaining walls from turning a rust color? What are the anticipated costs for water conditioning?

It is then that a buyer is able to understand the true investment in a lot!

For well and water experts like Guthrie & Frey, it is not terribly difficult to predict the anticipated depth of a well. Regency does not believe in letting the chips fall where they may with an allowance, instead we seek to prepare the most accurate budget so a client is not surprised. If a client understands up front that they are building in an area where a 500 foot well is a possibility, they are not only prepared on the budgetary side but are much less upset than if it comes to them as a surprise. If we anticipate a relatively shallow well, the customer has and early opportunity to reallocate their budget to other areas of the home. Communication before, during and after is what separates Regency and our partners from our competitors.

Rob shares his perspective on well depth, “As far as what dictates the depth of the well, there are several variables: Availability of the water in the sand and gravel, water quality, and the volume of water produced by a rock well. These all play into how deep the well will need to be drilled in order to provide sufficient capacity to the home.”

The Hillcrest’s well came in fairly shallow, at 107 feet deep, with 103 feet of casing. Well casing aids in the drilling process, providing a smooth internal bore for the installing equipment and is also helpful in preventing contamination of the fresh water well zones and surrounding soils.

Rob shares that water pressure is also important. “Once we determine the well depth and pressure, we evaluate all the selected plumbing fixtures and confirm that the home will have adequate water pressure. This includes the need for exterior irrigation systems.”

The Hillcrest’s well test showed an amazing 30 gallons/minute of water pressure! The standard we aim for is 18 gallons/minute or more, so they should have no problem supplying the home with a great water supply! The well was also run to the house, with the water lateral line and well tank installation complete, this home is ready for plumbing!

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About Guthrie & Frey

Guthrie & Frey is a local and family-owned company that was founded in 1974. In 1995, they expanded to serve in Waukesha, Jefferson, Washington, Ozaukee, and Walworth counties. Today, the company is split into two divisions. The water filtration and conditioning side is run by Robert and Susan Frey while the parent company focuses on well pumps.

They believe that it’s an exciting time to learn about the innovations in water conditioning. They hope to continue to make a difference in the water conditioning industry by focusing on offering the best knowledge of water quality issues, new technology, and solutions!

Some reasons why Guthrie & Frey is so great:

  • 5-year warranty on all parts and labor
  • Lifetime tank warranty
  • 3 months rent free on all rental and rent-to-own agreements
  • One year interest-free rent-to-own equipment
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