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When walking through the Regency Hillcrest there is one thing you can’t help but notice – the attention to detail. This is no exception when it comes to the work done by Searing Brothers Tile. The incredible use of tile runs throughout the house including the kitchen, entryways, and bathrooms with many different shapes, sizes, and colors.

We’ll be talking with Joe and Shannon today, two of the brothers from Searing Brothers Tile, who will give us some more information about what you can expect to see throughout The Regency Hillcrest custom built home. You’ll also hear about some new trends that have become more common when it comes to tiling.

The Hillcrest Home Tile Selection & Installation

Throughout the home, Searing Brothers Tile used many different styles of tile to give this house a unique and elegant look:

Kitchen – There was no need to add a “splash” of color to this glamorously white kitchen. From the clean look of the white cabinets and countertops to the Honed Carrara White Marble backsplash, there’s so much intricate detail you can’t look away. By using subway tiles with smaller 3”x3” sections along the base, they brought an uncommon example of how different types of white products can work together. This white marble has no need for polishing, but is naturally a very soft stone that may scratch easily. The homeowner requested three separate liquid sealers to try and keep this surface as protected as possible.

Garage Entryway – Walking in from the garage your eyes are immediately drawn to the beautiful design of the oversized porcelain floor tiles. The porcelain finish of these basketweave pattern tiles provides easy maintenance in one of the most traffic-heavy rooms in the house. An uncommon layout, basket weave patterns have been gaining popularity in the past few years.

Master Bathroom – White tile has always been known to be a clean and simple look, but nothing about this bathroom is simple. Shannon explains how they used oversized 24”x48” tile – a contemporary trend commonly used not only for flooring, but in showers as well. This porcelain tile has been made to look like real marble, but has the benefits of being scratch and stain resistant. The design of the shower is unique in that it is a true curbless entry. The floor was dropped 4-5” lower, allowing for the entire shower system to sit below the floor surface. The unique tiling in the shower also stands out with the use of a linear drain with a tile overlay.

Lower Level Bathroom – The lower level brings another use of tile. Wood plank looking 12”x24” tiles are used on the flooring, paired again with white subway in the shower. You’ll see a new trend of Soldier Stacked tiles along the bottom of the shower, giving a more contemporary look as compared to the horizontal stack. Niches conceal shampoo, while metal edging on this system provides a cleaner, more polished look than a traditional bull nose edge.

Powder Room – The uncommon use of honed marble hexagon shaped tiles turned this ordinary floor into an extraordinarily eye catching feature. The different directions and styles of the hexagon shapes makes this vintage look new again, while the unique geometric design is simple enough to work with any area.

Tile installation in the Regency Hillcrest
Marble tiled walk-in shower in the Regency Hillcrest
Finished tiled walk-in shower in the Regency Hillcrest
Lower level tiled bathtub/shower combo

Preparing For Tile Installation

Skilled tile installers know that there are many steps to success when it comes to quality workmanship, and it all starts with preparation. Joe says, “The tile job is only as good as what’s underneath it.”

What starts in rough carpentry with strong, straight engineered studs for shower and kitchen walls that will hold tile continues once the tile team arrives on the scene. The Searing Brothers team spends hours making sure that there is a sound substrate, level, and tight to ensure success down the road. Walls must be shimmed, making things as flat as possible, and perfect pitches must be achieved to send water where you want it – down the drain!

Second in the preparation phase is design and layout. Shannon and Joe told us that if you can design it, they can lay it! Whether a tile setter aligns their product to the walls and woodwork or bases the design off the center of another room element like a shower or bath, layouts should use the largest possible tile sizes to avoid any “slivers” on the edges.

Lastly, before cutting a single piece, Searing meets the homeowner and designer onsite. “Because of the variations in color, texture, and grain in natural stone products, it is very important to see the materials first hand before they go in,” explains Joe. “If you can dream it Regency can build it is their motto, and we want to make sure that the tile in your homes is the tile of your dreams.”

Waterproofing Shower Systems
Waterproofing is another major concern that begins in the preparation phase. New advancements in waterproofing have really changed the industry over the past five years. New products, such as Schluter’s Shower system, use a combination of kerdi Styrofoam boards and fabrics that create a 100% waterproof shower. A more traditional system Searing also uses is a combination of a shower pan liner, cement board, dry pack mud bed, liquid applied waterproofing, and silicone to seal all corners.  Both systems ensuring the watertight seal of niches, curbs, and seats – special features that other builders shy away from due to their difficulty to perfect.

In-Floor Heating Systems
Popularity of in-floor heating systems have changed the tile industry as well. Searing Brothers Tile can install electric in-floor heating systems or lay their product over hydronic tubing sealed in GypCrete. Electric systems use a series of mats and cables, along with a touch screen wall thermostat to control the temperature. When hydronic tubing is installed, such as in the Hillcrest, the poured, self-leveling surface must be prepped with membranes and anti-fracture primers to ensure the tile’s stability and performance for years to come.

Regency & Searing Brothers Tile

Shannon, Joe, and Danny started Searing Brothers Tile after growing up in the family business. As 3rd generation tile installers, they know a thing or two about tiling. For the last three generations, the Searing family has worked alongside Regency to help incorporate tile into their beautiful custom built homes. “Regency is always willing to go the extra mile with responses and help,” says Shannon. “Their attention to detail is unmatched in their industry. From detailed specifications during the bidding phase to schedules we can trust, strong business principles and stronger relationships guide Regency Builders. ”

The Searing boys are also up to the challenge of bringing homeowner and designer’s dreams to life. Intricate layouts, mosaics, and details matter, and they work to carry out what started in the imaginations of our team and the homeowner. From communication between the design and tile team to working hand in hand with plumbers and other trade partners, Searing appreciates the consistency in relationship and workmanship.

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About Searing Brothers Tile

Searing Brothers Tile not only installs, but supplies all the materials. Delivered and prepared by one of their 13 employees, Searing verifies all products are ready three days in advance to guarantee no hiccups or issues happen. Available for both commercial and residential work, they help with starting projects from scratch or with the typical home remodel. They are always on the lookout to hire new employees with on-the-job training and apprenticeship opportunities.

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