Eco-Friendly Site Selection

Site evaluations are conducted on every new home we build, but when it comes to today’s green building standards there are additional considerations at hand. 

In accordance, we study several factors to determine the environmental impact of a new home build, including:

  • Ground water and navigable water sources
  • Wet lands, preserves and native wildlife
  • Grade elevations, rainwater flow and drainage
  • Water sources and proper waste removal sources
  • Geographical orientation to minimize wind exposure
  • Maximization of sun to reduce heating and lighting costs
  • Existing trees, aiming to preserve as many as possible
  • Lake Home Considerations
  • In the case of a waterfront property, extra steps are needed to ensure sustainability, soundness in construction, and prevention of any construction byproducts entering the lake. As Lake Country’s refined home builder, Regency works hand-in-hand with municipalities to ensure that proper zoning and DNR requirements are met throughout the lake home building process.


Building Materials

Build it Once, Build it Right

We believe in designing and building a home that will last a lifetime and beyond for future generations. This includes using materials such as full natural stone exteriors, premium exterior paints, granite and quartz countertops, solid wood for interior finishes, and tile flooring. Cheaper products can be used to build a home, but when they are being replaced with newer products in ten years, that is not sustainable building. Build it once, build it right.


Material Standards

We specify structural integrity in our wood and concrete structures that far exceed minimum building codes, ensuring longevity of your home and long-term performance of your finished products. What’s more, our Inclusive Price Philosophy means you won’t be nickeled and dimed to make your home energy efficient with products like: Lumber, Windows, Roofing, Gutters & Downspout, Insulation, Foundation Insulation, Overhead Garage Doors, Miscellaneous Building Products, HVAC, Plumbing, Radon Mitigation, Electrical

Energy Audit & Evaluation 

Independent Energy Audit

We will hire an independent firm to test and evaluate the energy efficiency of your home at several stages during the Build Process, including:

  • Pre-Construction Plan Review — Using a computer program, the design and component specifications of the home are modeled to verify its potential energy efficiency/performance level.
  • Pre–Drywall Site Visit — We verify plans/specs and evaluate various aspects of the home at this critical stage of construction to ensure that the home will meet program standards for air tightness, ventilation capacity, and combustion safety. The site visit occurs at the framing/insulation stage, and our primary concern is the presence of air bypasses. This is the last chance to address some important issues before being covered up with insulation and drywall. This site visit is followed up with a written report summarizing findings and recommendations.
  • Performance Testing — Once the project is at or near completion, thorough testing of the mechanical systems and building shell is scheduled. We find HVAC airflow testing to be extremely valuable to address comfort concerns before they happen. For new homes, we are focused on the air leakage integrity of the windows/doors and completeness of attic insulation, but are also looking for any air leaks which may not have been addressed during the rough-in site visit. 

Infrared Imaging Gun

Using the latest technology, our team utilizes an Infrared Thermal Imaging Gun. Thermal imaging guns operate by detecting the heat given off by an object or person. With this enlightening and hassle-free technology, our team is able to avoid more expensive repairs down the road – giving you even more reason to feel comfortable and confident in your Regency home. This modern-day tool provides numerous advantages, particularly during and after the insulation process in your home, such as

  • Find Inefficiencies — The thermal gun will detect heat loss from inside/outside the home, as well as hot and cool spots.
  • Electrical Safety — Overloaded circuit breakers in the electrical panel will be detected.
  • Remodeling Considerations — This test can help you find heat runs in the walls, as well as avoid hitting hydronic tubes during remodeling.

Save on electric bills and avoid expensive repairs down the road. With this enlightening and hassle-free technology, our team gives you even more reason to feel comfortable and confident in your Regency home.

Conserve. Create. Renew.

LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding products deliver the beauty of cedar, plus the durability and workability of engineered wood. We offer a complete line of primed trim, fascia, soffit, lap, and panel products that work and cut just like traditional wood, without the knots. Our LP SmartSide products are engineered with LP’s proprietary SmartGuard® process to help protect against fungal decay and termites.

SmartSide products are backed by a 5-Year, 100% Labor and Replacement Guarantee, along with a 50-Year Prorated Limited Warranty on the substrate.

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